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How do I change the shipping or billing address on my order?
Please email us and if you caught it in time we will do our best to fix it for you! Usually this time period is within 24 hours of when you placed your order.
I'm not happy with the product I received, how do I go about returning it?
This makes us sad! We always want our customer to be happy. Please email us with the reason you are not happy and any pictures you feel are necessary to show us what might be wrong with your product and we will do our absolute best to make you happy again!
My piece has been damaged upon arrival. What do I do?
While we make every effort to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition, sometimes bad things happen. Hold on to all packaging, take pictures of damage and the packaging and use this form to submit a reprint request. We will ship out a reprint ASAP.
Do you offer products in sizes or options different than the options on your website?
We are doing new things every day and always trying to satisfy our customers. Therefore if you do not see the size you want, please email us and we will see what we can do for you!
If I would like my order shipped to a different address than my home is that possible?
We can ship to any address you want as long as it is not a P.O Box. If you have questions about the address you want to ship it to, please don't hesitate to email us at
What image file types does HelloPics accept through its site?
We accept gif, jpg, and png images.
I have an image file type not supported by your uploader (i.e PDF, RAW). What do I do?
Please contact us at to see if we can help!
What is the maximum file size you can accept through your website?
The maximum file size is 30MB.
What is your privacy policy with regards to the use of my images?
Please see privacy policy at
I would like to change the image that I originally submitted with my order. How do I do this?
This is not possible, we will give you a discount on your next order.
I'm not sure if my image is copyrighted or not, what happens if it is? Will you inform me?
Yes, your order will be suspended and you will be contacted.
I need my order by a certain date, what do I do?
Please email us with your address, and requested item for us to confirm if the request is possible.
Will you send me tracking information once my products have shipped?
You will receive two emails from us. The first email will be a confirmation that we received your order. The second email will be confirmation that your order has shipped and include a tracking link!
What are your shipping options?
Depending on the product and your country, we use a variety of shipping methods to optimize delivery time, delivery success, and delivery cost. We use in total over 15 carriers internationally.
Who do you ship with?
We use multiple companies-- UPS, USPS, Fedex, DHL, and more. For more specifics, feel free to reach out to our support personnel.
Why do you charge my credit card before my product has been produced?
To ensure you are totally satisfied with your purchase, Hellopics will not charge your credit card until your purchase has been shipped. At the time you place your order, we'll pre-authorize your card for the total amount plus all applicable taxes and shipping charges (if any).
I cancelled my order, why haven't I seen a refund on my credit card?
Please email us if you have not seen a refund within 5 business days, chances are that the funds are already on the way back to you, the bank might just take a bit longer.
Can I pay with cash or check?
Unfortunately we only accept Credit Card or Paypal, but its safer and more secure for everyone. We hope you will still shop with us!

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Contact us at 877 731 PICS (7427)